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Check the Game Version
if DE_AVAILABLE #define DLC #define DLC_NO_WK
elseif DLC_TIGER #define DLC  /* could be WK or HD DLC */
	else #define HD_EDITION_DLC #define DLC_NO_WK
elseif DLC_COW #define HD_EDITION_BASE
elseif UP_EXTENSION #define AOC1.5
elseif UP_AVAILABLE #define AOC1.4
else #define AOC_CD

HD refers to the game released in the 2013
WololoKingdoms has the roughly the same content as HD+DLC, while having the scripting capabilities of UP 1.5
HD (with or without DLC) has roughly the same scripting capabilities as UP 1.4
HD without DLC has the content from the Conquerors (so you cannot actually use cows; they are only for version detection)
UserPatch when not using WololoKingdoms (or some other mod), will only use content from the Conquerors